A Vision for Trauma Touch Healing

The Vision of Trauma Touch Healing is to become a successful natural healing center for those suffering the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). At present, the mental healthcare system does not offer much in the way of solutions for victims of trauma. We believe we have found an excellent therapy that relieves symptoms by releasing trauma from the body.

Trauma Touch Healing is a combination of Trauma Release, Emotional 911 care, and Trauma Intervention. It can treat new traumas (physical or emotional) plus those who are experiencing chronic PTSD conditions. At the healing center, we will give support care to clients by joining in collaboration with other natural healers representing various modalities, so that each trauma client has the benefit of healthy, organic, holistic healing. We wish to become a major support system for other natural healers.

Part of our vision is to teach Trauma Touch Healing to elite groups of qualified bodyworkers so that this therapy will be spread far and wide to assist as many trauma victims and survivors as possible. Our vision is ambitious but we feel it is entirely possible!

Thousands of years ago the Ancient Greeks were already treating sufferers of PTSD at places called ‘Sanctuaries’ as soldiers came back from various wars. We wish to carry on this ancient work and then take it to an even more advanced level into the future. Our goal is to eradicate PTSD suffering using the principles of Body, Mind, Spirit and embracing holistic healing for every client.

If you feel compatible with our ideals and vision and also see the deep urgent need to help those who are not getting the assistance they deserve from our health care system, please donate what is in your heart to give so that we may begin also treating those who are not doing well and who cannot afford the treatments. Our ultimate goal is also to have our own ‘Sanctuary’ where we can teach, treat clients and temporarily house those who come from far away for treatments, and those who have, unfortunately, become homeless due to PTSD issues. Your generosity and support would be greatly appreciated as we take our first steps into the future of natural PTSD healing!

Survive to Thrive!

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    Trauma is defined as any occurrence that exceeds the body’s capabilities to adapt and cope with events and situations that occur in life.

    Sometimes trauma develops into PTSD.    Common forms of traumatic events can include: