All therapy treatments are given by a Certified Trauma Touch Healer. Sessions are performed fully clothed, sometimes on a massage table, sometimes sitting on a chair or couch. It is important to say also that during sessions a client will never be asked to express their feelings or emotions, and most importantly a client will never have to go into details of their trauma past. TTH is an experiential healing technique where everything is achieved by touch without the necessity of talking, probing into emotions and strong feelings, or ever requiring a client to revisit their trauma. There is no need.

For chronic PTSD the course of treatments is (one) 90-minute session a week for 12 weeks which includes one session for an intake. All TTH treatments will be designed especially for you after a thorough assessment has been completed (intake session) to address your unique needs. The process leading to treatment is as follows:

  • FIRST step: A FREE phone consultation for any Q & A’s you may have.
  • SECOND step: Making an appointment for an Intake (90 minute appointment).
  • THIRD step: Making a commitment to go forward for the next 11 weeks of treatments.

Trauma Touch Healing services offered are:

  • 12 WEEK PROGRAM of treatments for chronic PTSD. This course can be repeated but only if necessary.
  • EMOTIONAL 911 PREVENTION OF PTSD (Trauma Intervention) – Urgent care visits for newly traumatized clients who need calming, balancing and releasing from emotional shock.
  • INJURY/SURGICAL TRAUMA RELEASE WORK – Often injuries are not healing well or healing too slowly due to unreleased emotions attached to the injury or surgery. Recuperation is greatly speeded up when negative emotions are released from the injury site. One or two sessions usually clears up this problem.